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ReignDesign January 2013 Playlist


Music is sometimes really helpful for getting lost in your work, and at Reign you see a lot of headphones and tapping feet in a otherwise quiet office.

Ever wondered what kind of music your coworkers are listening to?
Or why, when I did, I realised we would probably never be able to agree on a playlist with such varied musical tastes. Here is roughly 5 songs from each of our team members, all mixed up. Click to download & get to know them:

1. Download side A
2. Download side B

Or listen to it on Spotify. (However here, all of the Chinese songs, some of the remixes and French songs are missing. )

Monday App Recommendation: Bubble Mania

App: Bubble Mania
Price: FREE
Category: Games Arcade/Family
Why we like it: Bubble Mania is based on the popular bubble popping concept similar to Bejeweled. The goal of the game is that as the mother critter you try to free your babies who are locked up in a maze of bubbles. The basic game play is extremely simple to understand and get into, with each level getting slightly more challenging, and each campaign introducing new game-features. The game has well placed in-app purchases, which can improve your gameplay but are not required to continue playing.
It has beautiful game graphics and matching animations - but most of all, its addictive, a game that is hard to put down, once you picked it up.

Monday App Recommendation: Headspace

App: HeadSpace
Price: FREE
Category: Health & Fitness
Why we like it: This app teaches you meditation skills by providing you with little meditation videos and mp3s, and challenges you to meditate just 10 minutes every day. If you do, like in a game, you reach the next level of headspace after having completed 10 days.
A fun and simple way to introduce meditation on the go, perfectly tailored to the mobile device.
The app combines a beautiful design by still keeping the clean look & feel of apps in the "health" category.