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Flockwork for iPad: now available on the iTunes App Store

After nearly one year, the day has finally arrived: our iPad puzzle game Flockwork is now live on the iTunes App Store!

In case you missed our previous posts mentioning Flockwork over the last few months, here's a brief synopsis:

In the game, you control lots of sheep, trying to get them to reach the target. The 'flock' moves together when you swipe your finger on the screen, so you have to keep an eye on each sheep so they don't escape or end up in harm's way!

The game starts off easy but gets tricky, with stars to collect, puzzles to solve and wolves to avoid. If you've played games like Angry Birds, Where's my Water or Cut the Rope, you'll instantly get the idea.

And here are a few screenshots (click to enlarge):

Check Flockwork out now on the App Store! And tell us what you think in the comments :)

Adding iOS5 native Twitter support to your cocos2d app

In iOS5, Apple introduced native Twitter integration via the "Tweet Sheet" (aka TWTweetComposeViewController), allowing you to easily implement Twitter in your iOS app without worrying about all the heavy lifting. If you tried implementing Twitter support in the past and found yourself lost in a sea of OAuth source files, trying to handle authentication yourself, and banging your head over what to do with various responses, you'll know how much of a relief it is that this now "just works."

This is great for UIKit, but what if you want to implement the same simple Twitter sharing functionality in your cocos2d game? Luckily, it's nearly as easy!

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