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ReignDesign announces the opening of their international office in Santiago, Chile

ReignDesign-ChileWe are pleased to announce the opening of our first international office in Santiago, Chile for the South American region. ReignDesign is a multicultural software design agency. We specialize in the design and development of mobile applications particularly for Android and iOS.

After reviewing different markets around the world we decided to start with South America. We see the region as an interesting emerging market, and we feel that Chile will be a great place to work. Aside from finding good talent, there is a great startup scene, a stable economy, reasonable costs, and nice weather.

From January 1, Juan Claudio Lopez will be our first international Business Development Manager, working as the Country Manager in Santiago. He was ReignDesign’s Business Development Manager for almost three years in Shanghai, China. Juan Claudio is thrilled to be back in Chile, and he is looking forward to finding new clients and to introducing the ReignDesign brand to South America.


ReignDesign anuncia la puesta en marcha de su oficina internacional en Santiago, Chile


Estamos felices de poder anunciar la apertura de nuestra primera oficina internacional en Santiago, Chile para Sud América. ReignDesign es una agencia de diseño internacional de carácter multicultural.  Nuestra oficina se especializa en el diseño y desarrollo de aplicaciones específicamente para Android y iOS.

Luego de estudiar los diversos mercados mundiales, hemos decidido comenzar en Sud América. Percibimos a esta región como un mercado emergente e interesante; a la vez, pensamos que Chile será un muy buen lugar de trabajo. No solo hemos encontrado grandes talentos, sino también encontramos una muy buena área de emprendimiento, una economía estable, costos razonables y un muy buen clima.

Comenzando el 1 de Enero de 2014, Juan Claudio López será nuestro primer Gerente de Desarrollo de Comercio Internacional y se desempeñará como Gerente Zonal en Santiago para el área de Sud América. Previamente se desempeñó como Gerente de Desarrollo de Negocios por casi tres años en Shanghai, China. Juan Claudio esta feliz de estar de vuelta en Chile, y de comenzar a trabajar con nuevos clientes introduciendo la marca ReignDesign en Súd America.

Retirement of Our Older Apps

To our fans:                                                                                     

Thank you for downloading, playing, and loving our apps! ReignGames has enjoyed creating such fun and high quality games. As our products evolved, we were able to gain experience in the market and develop a variety of applications. However, maintaining too many apps can be detrimental for all of them. That’s why we’ve decided that it’s time to retire some of our older apps. By “retire”, we mean that the app will no longer be updated, and this includes bug-fixes.

By the end of 2013.

The following apps will not be updated, but they will be available in the app store.

Pig Rush
Spot the Difference
Spot the Difference with Friends
Monster Chorus
Save Me

If you have any questions, please contact

Thank you again for your patronage! We appreciate our millions of fans, and we look forward to creating more entertaining and cutting-edge apps for you!


Getting the right size every time with AlvaKids

ReignDesign recently developed a new app called AlvaKids for our Hong Kong-based client Alvanon. AlvaKids was designed to help parents find the correct clothing size for their kids when shopping.

Shopping for children’s clothing can be a tiring experience – they moan in the dressing room, trying on clothes takes forever and then their legs end up in their sleeves. AlvaKids makes shopping for kids' clothes easy! Just enter your children’s basic measurements, and we'll tell you what sizes to buy!

Before working with ReignDesign, Alvanon had an iPhone app. However,  version 1 was riddled with problems: it wasn't polished, used out-of-date coding conventions, and was slow, as the user often had to wait for data to be loaded before moving to another screen.

Matt and Juan Claudio went to Hong Kong for a productive kickoff meeting with Alvanon, and planned the development of the app. Over eight weeks, we rebuilt the app from scratch using modern coding techniques, implemented a new design, and moved data processing to the background. This gave the app a more responsive and smooth feel.

We're delighted to say that AlvaKids v2 is now available in the App Store. If you need to shop for kids, please try out the app!

ReignDesign’s Map of Shanghai

Last month, visiting graphic designer Anja Riese created a colorful and abstract map of Shanghai. It was her love for the city that inspired her to create this map. "I really like that the team of ReignDesign comes from all over the world.  With all the different cultural backgrounds, I think it's nice to get an idea of what they like about the city."

The ReignDesign map of Shanghai is now ready for distribution! If you would like a copy, feel free to swing by our office to pick one up: Park Space Innovation Center, 169 Mengzi Road, Building 3, Unit 301-302. Or contact us, and we'll be happy to mail it to you.