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¡Tweetfeet no es Facil!

Han visto este espectacular comercial de Carozzi?

¡Si, ese teclado es real! y ReignDesign, tu empresa favorita en la creación de aplicaciones móviles, desarrollo las versiones mobiles de TweetFeet.

!Es tiempo de terminar con el sedentarismo! Parate y twitea con tus pies.

La entretenida idea de escribir un tweet con los pies viene de la agencia BBDO. El teclado gigante usado en el comercial, como la interacción y back end del proyecto fue realizado por MZZO. Juntos creamos esta nueva forma de Twittear.

Una vez que descargues TweetFeet, comienza a moverte y deja que tus pies escriban. Rotando tu teléfono te permitida ver varias letras y símbolos. Una vez encontrada la letra correcta, haz una patada en el aire. Luego de escribir tu mensaje, hace un ¨shake¨ con tu teléfono y postea en Twitter o Facebook.

¿Buen entrenamiento, no? Tweetfeet is entretenido de usar, pero probablemente to reemplace una hora en el gimnasio a no ser que que tengas mucho sobre que Twitear. La aplicación esta disponible en Google Play y en la App Store.


Tweetfeet is No Easy Feat!

Have you seen this amazing commercial from Carozzi, the Chilean pasta company?

Yes, that’s a real keyboard! And ReignDesign, your favorite app company, developed the mobile versions of Tweetfeet.

It’s time to stop being sedentary! Get up and Tweet with your feet!
The novel idea of typing with your feet came from the ad agency, BBDO. The keyboard used in the commercial as well as the backend work was developed by MZZO. Together we have created a keyboard that’s designed for writing, posting, and tweeting with your feet.

Once you’ve downloaded Tweetfeet, start walking and let your feet do the typing. Turning your phone will allow you to see various letters and symbols. Once you find the correct letter, kick your leg into the air. After you have type-kicked your message, shake your phone to post to Twitter or Facebook.

Great workout, right? Tweetfeet is fun to use, but it probably won’t replace an hour at the gym unless you have a lot to Tweet about. The app is now available on Google Play and the App Store.

Not Your Usual Angel Investor: Supporting Prostate Cancer Research for Movember

The gents at ReignDesign have been doing their bit during the month formerly known as November, by growing moustaches and raising money for men's health charity as part of Movember!

Our chosen charity is Prostate Cancer UK, who support world-class research into prostate cancer, and also spread awareness of the disease and provide support for sufferers.

Here we are at the start of the month, clean-shaved in our group photo!


The other team members pledged money if Matt would come to work in an angel costume. So he did!

1402041_10151685424170868_1799317818_o (1)

622887_10151685135240868_1705280755_o (1)

We also teamed up with our friends at Kakadu Shanghai! We organised two barbecues and a scavenger hunt around Shanghai, with the proceeds going to charity.


And here are the guys at the end of the month, sporting a dashing variety of moustaches.


While we had a lot of fun over the month, there's a serious message here. Men can often be too embarrassed to talk about their health problems or ignore symptoms. So it's important we get the message out that it's OK to discuss things like prostate cancer, and to see your doctor if you're worried about anything!

By the 30th Movember, we raised an amazing 1,267 USD for Prostate Cancer! If you'd like to donate, you can still donate via Matt's JustGiving page.

Haikus from WWDC session transcripts

So, a lot of you

I'm sure are familiar with

Grand Central Dispatch

- Hidden Gems in Cocoa and Cocoa Touch, WWDC Session 228

At ReignDesign we're a big fan of AsciiWWDC, a great resource for reading and searching the full-text transcripts of Apple's Worldwide Developer Conference session videos.

And there's something a little poetic about the way the transcripts are listed. This inspired some late-night hacking creating wwdc-haiku, a simple Python script which, given a session number, attempts to scan the transcript of a single session for possible haikus (that is, sentences with a 5-7-5 syllable pattern).

$ ./wwdc-haiku 228

And what happens is 
you choose that and you see a 
window like this pop 

So, it's going to 
look very similar to 
the last example 

And actually 
I'm backing it this time by 
a dictionary 

So, a lot of you 
I'm sure are familiar with 
Grand Central Dispatch 

It's just one of those 
things that it takes a while to 
get into your head 

I think the two most 
useful and interesting 
ones are max and min 

It's returning a 
Boolean whether or not 
it was successful 

So, was that that was 
pretty fast, but I think we 
hit everybody 

Yes, we know our haikus won't pass muster with any Japanese poetry scholars... but do clone the code from Github and have fun!

What can you do with

these? Well, in Jay's Donut Shop

I had this problem

- What’s New in Core Location, WWDC Session 307

Doing It With Twins: the Twin Prime Conjecture

The Grub & Groove pub in Shanghai hosts a series of talks on Tuesday evenings called The Thinkery. Under the slogan of ‘everything is interesting’, they invite people to give a talk on the topic of their choice. Recently I gave a talk entitled “Doing It With Twins: The Twin Primes Conjecture”

Doing It With Twins: The Twin Primes Conjecture

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