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Happy Chinese New Year from ReignDesign!

We had a busy year of the horse! 2014 was the first year for our new Chile office. We explored iBeacons, helped people swipe through their support tickets, attended cool events like Barcamp, CocoaHeads and GMIC, got kicking for the World Cup, helped a local entrepreneur, made some Shanghai street signs, figured out a more agile way to price apps, discovered two ways to build a pyramid, got ready for the iPhone 6 and 6 Plus, made some awesome educational games, celebrated Christmas, and welcomed our newest team member Anukriti.

Who knows what the year of the sheep will bring? We're hoping it'll be a baaaaaaa-d ass year!

The Barcelona office welcomed the year of the Sheep with beer...and popcorn.
The Barcelona office welcomed the year of the Sheep with beer...and popcorn.

Singing...yelling, it's all the same at KTV

Tuo wows Jason with his melodious voice

Nobody cares what the fox says!



Making your own Shanghai street sign

At my recent engagement party we had designed some personalised Shanghai street signs! A lot of people asked me how to make one, so I thought I'd provide a tutorial.

2014-04-26 21.26.47

If you're not familiar with Shanghai street signs, this is how modern signs look! You'll still find older green signs around Shanghai, but all signs in central Shanghai use the new format.


My first step was to recreate the shapes, colors and fonts in Illustrator. If you don't have Illustrator you can download a 30 day trial version from Adobe as part of Creative Cloud.

You can download my completed Illustrator AI file here.

For fonts I'm using 黑体-简 for the Chinese text and Helvetica for the English text. You can substitute similar fonts if you don't have those on your computer.

Screenshot 2014-05-01 17.29.14

It's best to convert text to outlines before sending to a printer - you can do that in Type > Create Outlines.

Next, I contacted a printer: I can recommend PicJoy in Shanghai - you can email them on print at For 2 copies on A2 sized foam board, 1 side printing, matt lamination, they quoted me just 50 RMB.

In 1-3 days you should receive your street signs! You can easily cut them out of the board using an Exacta knife and a ruler.

If you make your own Shanghai street sign, do send us a picture!

Helping Local Entrepreneurs

LeiPing brochure & businesscard

LeiPing, originally from Sichuan, has been successfully running her own business as a masseuse and skincare specialist here in Shanghai for over 8 years.

How can we help small-size entrepreneurs in a way that enables them and their business to reach out to new markets?

We took a short break from our usual work and designed a brochure and business card for Lei Ping. This allows her to build her brand, and find new clients, Chinese and foreign alike.

It was good to step out of our daily routine and design for print for a day. Now, back to apps!

If you want to schedule an appointment, please contact Lei Ping at 136 3632 6672, or connect with her on WeChat (Jessicaleiping).

One small catch, she only treats women.

Lei Ping brochure LeiPing business cards


¡Tweetfeet no es Fácil!

Han visto este espectacular comercial de Carozzi?

¡Sí, ese teclado es real! y ReignDesign, tu empresa favorita en la creación de aplicaciones móviles, desarrolló las versiones móviles de TweetFeet.

!Es tiempo de terminar con el sedentarismo! Párate y twitea con tus pies.

La entretenida idea de escribir un tweet con los pies viene de la agencia BBDO. El teclado gigante usado en el comercial, como la interacción y back-end del proyecto fue realizado por MZZO. Juntos creamos esta nueva forma de Twittear.

Una vez que descargues TweetFeet, comienza a moverte y deja que tus pies escriban. Rotando tu teléfono te permitirá ver varias letras y símbolos. Una vez encontrada la letra correcta, haz una patada en el aire. Luego de escribir tu mensaje, hace un ¨shake¨ con tu teléfono y postea en Twitter o Facebook.

¿Buen entrenamiento, no? Tweetfeet es entretenido de usar, pero probablemente no reemplace una hora en el gimnasio a no ser que que tengas mucho que Twitear. La aplicación está disponible en Google Play y en la App Store.


Tweetfeet is No Easy Feat!

Have you seen this amazing commercial from Carozzi, the Chilean pasta company?

Yes, that’s a real keyboard! And ReignDesign, your favorite app company, developed the mobile versions of Tweetfeet.

It’s time to stop being sedentary! Get up and Tweet with your feet!
The novel idea of typing with your feet came from the ad agency, BBDO. The keyboard used in the commercial as well as the backend work was developed by MZZO. Together we have created a keyboard that’s designed for writing, posting, and tweeting with your feet.

Once you’ve downloaded Tweetfeet, start walking and let your feet do the typing. Turning your phone will allow you to see various letters and symbols. Once you find the correct letter, kick your leg into the air. After you have type-kicked your message, shake your phone to post to Twitter or Facebook.

Great workout, right? Tweetfeet is fun to use, but it probably won’t replace an hour at the gym unless you have a lot to Tweet about. The app is now available on Google Play and the App Store.