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The most interesting parts of Google I/O for developers

Google is currently hosting their Google I/O conference in San Francisco, and have just announced a whole range of improvements to Android and other Google products. In a seven-hour keynote (really? did they stop for drinks?) we got to hear about the new version of Android "M".

With more than 50 new products and initiatives, it can be hard to filter out the noise, so here are some of the announcements that have made us sit up and take notice so far: the ones which will have the most practical impact in the short-term.

  • - A new permissions system, apps will ask for permissions when they need them, instead of requesting all permissions when an app is installed or updated. Like on iOS.
  • - "Doze" should help battery life. It will automatically shut down apps in the background to save power. Like on iOS.
  • - Android Pay will let you pay for physical goods using NFC. Sounds similar to Apple Pay. Like on iOS.

Indeed it seems that over time, Android is becoming iOS and iOS is becoming Android. Rumours about what's coming in iOS9 include a new "Proactive" screen which sounds exactly like Google Now.

It's good for consumers - any "must have feature" in iOS is copied in the next version of Android, and vice versa.

There were some interesting improvements to Google Play too:

  • - You can run A/B tests for your app description and photos
  • - Cloud Test Lab - automatically test your app on hundreds of physical Android devices
  • - Customise your Developer page with text and images to match your brand

We're looking forward to getting our hands on the new tools!

The 21 best Mac tools for developers

At the most recent CocoaHeads meetup in Shanghai, I presented 21 of my favorite tools which I use on my Mac. These are not necessarily specific to iOS development, but they are all tried and tested tools which save me a few seconds, a few minutes or a few hours of my time.

Bartender ($15, keeps your Mac's menu bar tidy, by hiding lesser used icons in a separate menu.
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Happy Chinese New Year from ReignDesign!

We had a busy year of the horse! 2014 was the first year for our new Chile office. We explored iBeacons, helped people swipe through their support tickets, attended cool events like Barcamp, CocoaHeads and GMIC, got kicking for the World Cup, helped a local entrepreneur, made some Shanghai street signs, figured out a more agile way to price apps, discovered two ways to build a pyramid, got ready for the iPhone 6 and 6 Plus, made some awesome educational games, celebrated Christmas, and welcomed our newest team member Anukriti.

Who knows what the year of the sheep will bring? We're hoping it'll be a baaaaaaa-d ass year!

The Barcelona office welcomed the year of the Sheep with beer...and popcorn.
The Barcelona office welcomed the year of the Sheep with beer...and popcorn.

Singing...yelling, it's all the same at KTV

Tuo wows Jason with his melodious voice

Nobody cares what the fox says!



ReignDesign January 2013 Playlist


Music is sometimes really helpful for getting lost in your work, and at Reign you see a lot of headphones and tapping feet in a otherwise quiet office.

Ever wondered what kind of music your coworkers are listening to?
Or why, when I did, I realised we would probably never be able to agree on a playlist with such varied musical tastes. Here is roughly 5 songs from each of our team members, all mixed up. Click to download & get to know them:

1. Download side A
2. Download side B

Or listen to it on Spotify. (However here, all of the Chinese songs, some of the remixes and French songs are missing. )

ReignDesign’s most popular blog posts of 2012

ReignDesign had a fun and exciting year! We released some apps, visited conferences and  contemplated new technology! Here's a Top Ten List of our biggest moments.

1. Oooohh, look at the pretty pictures, iPad Retina vs. Non-retina. We loved the clarity of the retina display. How did we ever live without it?
2.  Git and SCP: this tutorial is perfect if you can't find your USB stick or if you don't feel like walking across the room to find one.
3.  Ever wondered about the controls for touchscreen games? Watch this talk that founder, Matt Mayer, gave in Kiev.
4.  In iOS5, Apple introduced native Twitter integration via the "Tweet Sheet" (aka TWTweetComposeViewController), allowing you to easily implement Twitter in your iOS app without worrying about all the heavy lifting. Continue reading this tutorial for more details.
5.  Look At Teh Pritee Kittehs! Our app, Cat Scan, was fun to make, and we enjoyed turning all of our phone contacts into cute kittens.
6.  Adding labels and re-assigning Github issues: Two ways to automate this common task!
7. Making Flockwork was a great learning experience filled with a few technical hurdles. We wrote a series of blog posts explaining the challenges in cocos2d.
8. Controls for games are, really important.
9. Almost a year ago, we wondered how to best design an app for Windows 8  How accurate were we?
10. Remember the trend of making videos and lists about Sh*t People Say/Do, etc? We made one for iPhone Developers. You're welcome.
ReignDesign is excited about 2013, and we are looking forward to creating and updating.
Happy New Year!