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Curtis Hayes joins ReignDesign


Curtis joins ReignDesign as a project manager.

We’re extremely thrilled to have Curtis as part of the team. Curtis is a true Brooklynite who has spent the last 14 years in China.

Curtis must be the ideal PM:

With years of experience as a developer himself, he knows what it takes to be the link between client and team.

He further is fluent in agile development methodologies, a previous agile Scrum-master.

His friendly yet thoughtful attitude means he is ideal person to understand our clients' needs and his good sense of humour and his air of authority lets him keep a clear head when things get tight.

When he is not working, he likes to play board-games, go to quiz nights, and nearly became a professional rugby player in Wales once. Lucky he didn’t.

Jason Wong joins Reign Design

Jason is ReignDesign’s new Interface Designer. 

Jason grew up in Los Angeles and later moved to Seattle where he studied both design and psychology. Since then his tireless work ethic has seen him practicing design in all media: graphic, industrial, web, video, and motion graphics. 

Jason ran a small design consultancy in Seattle for two years, giving him valuable experience in producing designs which reflect the values of a company.

In his spare time Jason loves to forage for berries and mushrooms, read books, listen to Ethiopian jazz and travel to places that are outside his comfort zone.

Camille Christian joins ReignDesign


Camille joins ReignDesign as a executive assistant.

Why we’re really proud to have her as part of the team:

Camille is like a super-woman, she is extremely smart (got best grades of her year in college), knows how to kick ass (trained in all sorts of martial arts since she was 3 years old) and has a truly multi cultural background - she grew up & lived in England, France, USA and now Asia, which she totally puts to use when interacting with people.

She hails from London, where she had several jobs as executive assistant. And did I mention she is into video games and boxing? Swoon…

Merry Christmas!

Hello there!

Since Christmas is almost here, I wanted to give my colleagues a special gift. And drawing is what I do best - since I am a graphic designer, so I decided to do a Holiday version of each of us. Since we're in three different countries, I thought this would bring us together for the holidays. In the past, I've observed everyones behaviour and quirks, so I used this to create a special red and green ReignDesign.


Merry christmas_Alex


Merry christmas_Andreas


Merry christmas_anna


Merry christmas_april


Merry christmas_Fluxa


Merry christmas_Jason


Merry christmas_JC


Merry christmas_Matt


Merry christmas_ming


Merry christmas_sherry


Merry christmas_sinae


Merry christmas_Tuo






I would like to wish everyone a joyous and blissful Christmas and a new year filled with joy, peace, and prosperity! May 2015 find you happier and more caring for all humankind.

With warmest wishes,Shinae.

CocoaHeads Shanghai

On Thursday, May 8, ReignDesign will host the next CocoaHeads! CocoaHeads is a monthly meetup group for iOS developers and designers in Shanghai. The theme will be Beacons and Bacon. We can guarantee interesting talks about iBeacons, but there may be a shortage of the food of the gods.

Spaces are limited, so if you would like to join us, please RSVP here!