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Retirement of Our Older Apps

To our fans:                                                                                     

Thank you for downloading, playing, and loving our apps! ReignGames has enjoyed creating such fun and high quality games. As our products evolved, we were able to gain experience in the market and develop a variety of applications. However, maintaining too many apps can be detrimental for all of them. That’s why we’ve decided that it’s time to retire some of our older apps. By “retire”, we mean that the app will no longer be updated, and this includes bug-fixes.

By the end of 2013.

The following apps will not be updated, but they will be available in the app store.

Pig Rush
Spot the Difference
Spot the Difference with Friends
Monster Chorus
Save Me

If you have any questions, please contact

Thank you again for your patronage! We appreciate our millions of fans, and we look forward to creating more entertaining and cutting-edge apps for you!


Building Flockwork: Making music with Laurent Apffel

This is part of a series of articles looking behind the scenes at our iPad puzzle game Flockwork. If you've downloaded the game or watched the trailer you'll be familiar with the great music and sound effects in the game.

All the music and sound effects were created by Laurent Apffel. Laurent is French and was born and raised in Paris, though he's spent years on both coasts of the U.S and currently lives in Santiago, Chile.

Listen to the Flockwork theme:

Listen now

Laurent is a composer/producer for all things visual and interactive with over 10 years of experience. His main passion is film scoring, Laurent has had the opportunity to work in Hollywood, CA where he contributed to various film and tv projects. Find out more about Laurent at - and to see his work in action, download Flockwork or Flockwork Free!

You’ve saved 5 million sheep: here’s 10 new levels for Flockwork!

Two weeks ago we launched a 'sheep counter' in our iPad puzzle game Flockwork, as we counted down to a big milestone. We're pleased to announce you've helped save 5 million sheep, through Summer, Fall, Winter and Spring Campaigns!

So today we're releasing Flockwork v2.0, with a brand-new campaign: Candy! The first ten levels, full of sweet surprises like cupcakes, donuts and ice cream, are now available to play. That makes a total of 90 amazing levels to play in Flockwork!

The Candy campaign even has a new game element: doors - if your sheep touches a purple gem, it will open the corresponding door: that means even more mind-bending puzzles to solve!

Download Flockwork now!

Flockwork for iPad: help us save 5 million sheep and unlock the Candy Levels!

Since we launched Flockwork for iPad you've helped save over 3 million sheep! Today we've released Flockwork 1.2, and we're counting down to the release of new levels! You can check out the trailer below.

Flockwork 1.2 also includes some bug fixes and improvements, including fixing issues with awarding "Belle" achievements. Download Flockwork today

How we promoted our iPad app Flockwork with ten crazy videos for $50

It's been a few weeks since we launched our iPad puzzle game Flockwork.

We wanted to find the most cost-effective way to tell people about our app. Can you really run a marketing campaign with a budget of $50? Sure you can!

We discovered the online marketplace and hired ten people to make us ten crazy videos. The results were hilarious, from a dancing hot dog to a Australian "nature enthusiast". You can watch the video below, and visit Flockwork's Facebook page to vote for your favorite clip.

If that made you laugh, be sure to check out Flockwork!