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Highlight your site’s hot content with the Google Analytics API

Google Analytics logo Want to highlight the most popular articles, blog posts or media on your website? If you use the excellent Google Analytics to track the usage of your sites, you can use the Google Analytics API to create an automatically updated hot-list of popular content.

In this tutorial I'll explain how I managed to create the "hot trends" list on What The Trend?. This shows the most popular "trends" on the site from the last 3 days.
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Building faster websites by reducing HTTP requests: three techniques

http requests One of the best practices to follow for making a speedy website is to reduce the number of HTTP requests needed. Every HTTP request for an HTML file, image, SWF, CSS or Javascript page adds a small penalty to page loading. Moreover, often only two connections can be made to a single server simultaneously, although this limit has been increased on more recent browsers. On graphically rich modern sites using JS and CSS frameworks, the number of requests can multiply rapidly! Here are some techniques we've used to deal with the problem.
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Using your own SQLite database in Android applications

Android Dev.Most all of the Android examples and tutorials out there assume you want to create and populate your database at runtime and not to use and access an independent, preloaded database with your Android application.

The method I'm going to show you takes your own SQLite database file from the "assets" folder and copies into the system database path of your application so the SQLiteDatabase API can open and access it normally.

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