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Lions and tigers, and Pythons and Rabbits, oh my!

We've recently been doing some great work on projects using Google App Engine, a highly scalable framework for building web apps in Python or Java. We've posted before about our friendly talking robot rabbit, Nabaztag. I thought it would be fun (and vaguely useful) to make our rabbit announce when new code was pushed to our repositories on GitHub.
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Talking rabbit reminders with Nabaztag and Google Calendar

At ReignDesign we use a shared Google Calendar to help plan our schedules. Todd previously wrote about Reigndesign's rabbit Nabby. What if there was a way to get Nabby to remind us about our upcoming appointments? Both Nabby and Google Calendar have simple APIs, and other folks have already written client libraries for PHP, so the amount of "glue" required to make it work was surprisingly small!

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