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Talking rabbit reminders with Nabaztag and Google Calendar

At ReignDesign we use a shared Google Calendar to help plan our schedules. Todd previously wrote about Reigndesign's rabbit Nabby. What if there was a way to get Nabby to remind us about our upcoming appointments? Both Nabby and Google Calendar have simple APIs, and other folks have already written client libraries for PHP, so the amount of "glue" required to make it work was surprisingly small!

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Weekend hack: Posting to Twitter via SMS in China

twitter-smsTwitter provides phone numbers to allow you to update your status via SMS. Unfortunately, local numbers are only available in a few countries: the US, Canada and India. Elsewhere, you need to text their international number in the UK, which can be quite expensive. ReignDesign is based in Shanghai, China - so how to update Twitter for the price of a local SMS? Via a local Twitter-like service, and a simple PHP script, it's possible!
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Highlight your site’s hot content with the Google Analytics API

Google Analytics logo Want to highlight the most popular articles, blog posts or media on your website? If you use the excellent Google Analytics to track the usage of your sites, you can use the Google Analytics API to create an automatically updated hot-list of popular content.

In this tutorial I'll explain how I managed to create the "hot trends" list on What The Trend?. This shows the most popular "trends" on the site from the last 3 days.
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