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Unity Native Plugins: OS X

When developing games in Unity3D it is often (if not always) necessary to access to platform specific features, hardware or anything not available to Unity via the API.

Plugins in Unity are a way to establish a bridge between your code in Unity (C#, Javascript, Boo) and the native platform. It allows us access to any non-supported features by creating a native binary bundle which we can access through an interface in our Unity script. Plugins in Unity work in both directions: we can call native code from Unity as well as call Unity code from the native plugin.

To start of this series of tutorials, I will cover desktop and mobile with a native plugin for Mac OS.
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Adventures in Android development: Unity3D ARMv6/ARMv7

After releasing the Android port of our iOS game Pig Rush last week, we received several reports from users not being able to find it in the Android Market. We also released Pig Rush to Getjar (a popular alternative Android app store) where those same users could see it, but downloading and installing it resulted in various errors.

After a bunch of head-scratching and going through bug reports (a HUGE thank you to those who submitted one), we've finally identified the problem.

Unfortunately, due to a limitation in the framework (Unity) we used to develop Pig Rush, the Android port will not run on devices that use an ARMv6 processor. Even more unfortunate is that there is little that we can do other than re-code Pig Rush from scratch using another framework to resolve this.

You can find a detailed post with more information on this issue on the Unity forums here.

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