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UXWeek Day 1 Recap part 1: Google Maps

uxweekMarkHi everyone, Nick (@n_kruse) here reporting back from my first day at the UXWeek conference in San Francisco.

My flight left Shanghai at 1pm, got into SFO at 9am, and I headed directly to the Palace Hotel, the location of the conference as fast as I could. By 11am I was in my seat and listening with as clear a head as I could muster.

The first talk I caught was You Are Here: How Google Maps Keeps Innovating, led by Bernhard Seefeld and Elizabeth Windram. They talked about their experiences pushing GMaps along. The biggest idea I got from their talk was that they focus on and design for power users -- not in the traditional sense of super-techy people, but rather the users who want or need to use the service often and therefore have both the highest level of patience and the highest expectations. I like this attitude -- assuming you can expect continued growth, you can and should design for a better/more saturated day.
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