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How we promoted our iPad app Flockwork with ten crazy videos for $50

It's been a few weeks since we launched our iPad puzzle game Flockwork.

We wanted to find the most cost-effective way to tell people about our app. Can you really run a marketing campaign with a budget of $50? Sure you can!

We discovered the online marketplace and hired ten people to make us ten crazy videos. The results were hilarious, from a dancing hot dog to a Australian "nature enthusiast". You can watch the video below, and visit Flockwork's Facebook page to vote for your favorite clip.

If that made you laugh, be sure to check out Flockwork!

Monster Chorus promo video!

The Monster Chorus promo video is now online (also available on Vimeo)!

The video was recorded at Juan Claudio's home and stars his lovely wife and daughter. We rented some camera and lighting equipment from the nice folks at Vison Rouge Shanghai and did the recording in an afternoon. Fluxa was the photographer, Anna directed and did the editing, and while Juan Claudio and I provided moral support (i.e. ate pizza).

Here are a few behind the scenes photos:

Monster Chorus was recently the #1 iPad Music game in the US App Store.