Designing tools and experiences for the car industry

We have vast experience developing apps for the automotive industry. Our latest project was designing a loan application website and app for BMW. Previously we’ve developed apps for events, service appointments, instruction manuals and insurance.




Smart Dashboard

Jebsen, a major Porsche dealer, wanted an after-sales experience as polished as their cars. We helped them create an app which would provide guidance and information to their customers during every step of the service process.
Continuous brand presence. Direct access to car data and service history. The home screen gives the user access to all the main functions without the need for a tabbed or hidden navigation
The service centre screen contains quick links to book a service
Porsche wanted to advertise their boutique travel experiences for existing owners. We helped them create an immersive experience using maps, images, audio and video.
The route overview shows the journey that drivers will take, highlighting key checkpoints on the route.
Full screen slideshows and  videos show off the best views of both the car and the scenery
Seguros Fabella is a major Chilean insurance company. The app allows car owners insured with Seguros Falabella to get quick assistance, find the best deal for gas nearby or locate a police station.
Simple but beautiful forms collect data. GPS helps a tow truck locate the stranded motorist.
Motorists can also locate the lowest-cost gas nearby
Citroën needed a modern way to present the user manual for DS, their premium sub-brand. We used Augmented Reality to provide users an intuitive way to learn about their new car.
When the user points their camera at the car interior, the app labels key features of the car in real-time. Direct access to relevant sections of the car manual.
Customized manual for each model avoids confusion

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