Hyperloop One

We designed and developed an iPad app to help Hyperloop One communicate their vision for the future of transportation. The app engaged delegates at conferences and trade shows by letting them create their own Hyperloop routes.

About the client

Hyperloop One aim to build a fully operational Hyperloop system by 2020.

Hyperloop One are planning to build the first commercial transport network using Elon Musk’s revolutionary Hyperloop concept. The Hyperloop is designed to move electromagnetically levitated pods through a low-pressure tube at speeds of over 1,000 km/h.

They have raised $160 million, successfully demonstrated their propulsion technology in 2016 and are currently building DevLoop, a full-system test track in Nevada.

Client brief

“Hyperloop is a revolutionary technology, so how can we help people to imagine its real world impact?”

Make the future of transportation tangible. We made the technology seem more feasible by letting users plan routes between cities they already knew.

Improving User Experience

From prototype to algorithm

“Because we were using real data, showing cities on a map caused some difficulties. If we showed all of the cities in a given area, the map could become cluttered and confusing to read.

After experimenting with other workarounds, we developed an algorithm based on populations and relative distances to work out which cities a user would be most interested in.”


Tangible data

Personalized infographics

After creating a route, the app generates a personalized report containing a set of infographics to demonstrate the human impact of Hyperloop. We chose engaging data comparisons, then iterated on visual styles in regular feedback sessions.

Client brief

“How can we make conference attendees remember Hyperloop One?”

Stay in delegates’ minds. To improve the quality of follow-ups after conferences, we gave users printed and emailed copies of their own route report. Designed like personalized business cards, these are intended to become discussion points for delegates’ teams and managers.


Hyperloop One are developing passenger and cargo routes in the United States, Finland, Russia, Switzerland, and India.

The fact these routes are under development is the result of much work by many people- but we like to think our app helped to make the case.







“In Reign Design, we found a team that matched our breakneck speed, taking our app concept from wireframes to BETA in a matter of weeks.”

David Israel

Director of Content and Digital Product

Hyperloop One

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