We design simple and beautiful products.


We have a talented and efficient design team that is passionate about apps. We are comfortable working in both Android and iOS and relish the challenge of creating apps that work well on both platforms. With the user as our primary consideration we design apps that are usable, likeable and crafted with great attention to detail.

Our team's diverse background and our familiarity with both western (North America, Latin America, Europe) and eastern (China) apps allow us to define the best solution for your app. Additionally, we can create a visual identity for your brand and app.

ReignDesign's services include: Design Analysis, User Experience Design, User Interface Design, Interaction Design, Graphic Design, Identity Design, Design Guidelines & Prototyping.

Our main design services are Analysis, User Experience Design, User Interface Design & Identity Design


UX Design

UI Design

Visual Identity


We focus on usability and user experience. We begin our process with concept development and ideation. Next, we define the information architecture, create wireframes and the key user flows of your app. Through prototyping and ongoing user-testing we gain a deep understanding of the core functionality of your app. Finally, we identify the best experience and ensure maximum usability for how the end user engages with your app.


Our goal is to create a visual design style that enhances the experience and functionality of your app. We use your branding and define key design principles to create several visual directions. After you have chosen your preferred direction, we define colors, typography and iconography that are all cohesive to the direction.

The User Interface Design phase builds on the results of the User Experience Design phase. Therefore, we not only create functional and engaging apps, but also rich UI Designs complete with animation details.


We build flexible and scalable identities that showcase your brand. We understand how identities must live across different platforms. Above all, we believe that a great visual identity captures people’s attention and enables a product to shine.

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